Reasons Not to Quit Smoking

I believe the question of “Why should I quit smoking?” has gone through your mind and you are looking for reasons not to quit smoking. You are playing mind games with yourself searching for reasons not to quit smoking.

I have thought about it and asked myself if I am in your shoes “why should I quit smoking?”
What are the reasons not to quit smoking? Despite all the information, dangers of smoking, reasons to quit smoking out there, there are still lots of smokers not quitting. So why go against the flow?


Here are some reasons not to quit smoking.

Yeah!! Looks like you are garnering support here. Well… I am not supporting you here but here are some reasons that I can think of:

• Smokers can spur the economy. Lik it or not, continual and increase smoking will keep the tobacco industries going and perhaps production to increase. That in turn will lead to more material being used for the production thus driving demand spurring the economy.

• Marketing departments and advertising firms need to get creative, to work around the laws and bans surrounding this industry. Hey, that’s not bad right? You are getting those guys to work harder!

For the sake of continual research, smokers will help to contribute to the numbers that make up surveys.
• Why smoking affect some more than others?

• What are the other possible harmful or good effects of smoking?

• Does smoking affect people of a certain race more than others?

• How deadly is the effect of second hand smoke or ETS (Environmental tobacco smoke) and third hand smoke (heard about this yet?).

• Research to find new medicine or cure for those affected with smoking related illness.

• As long as medical researchers get more cases of patients with smoking related diseases, the more intensive research can be done.
Oh, do you know what cigarettes can double up as? Substitute for other things that are not available and you only have cigarettes with you at that time?

• Cigarettes or tobacco to be more direct can be use as first aid. It’s very useful when it comes to staunching a bleeding wound.

• They can also double up as joss sticks if you are short of it and in need of some. Some of you are able to relate to this but some may not. In some practice, joss sticks are used in offerings and prayers…

Well, here are the supporting reasons not to quit smoking that I can think of. Come to think of it, it’s not that bad at all, smokers are contributing to society in one way or another.

If you are not quitting

Smokers out there, since you cannot quit the habit, or have no plans to, please, smoke responsibly. Spare some thoughts to those around you that are non-smokers. They may be irritated by your act and possibly suffer from the second hand smoke and third hand smoke. But then again, if they are not affected, they are not going to contribute to newer studies in some ways.

Well, as always the choice is yours. There could be more reasons not to quit smoking but I will end here.