Quit Smoking Using the EasyQuit System

Looking for some method/s to help you quit smoking for good or have you tried a few product already and none worked? Well, have you tried to quit smoking using the EasyQuit System?

What is this EasyQuit System that I’m talking about? It’s a book, I know what’s going through your mind when you read those words. What can a book do to help me quit my smoking habit. Don’t be skeptical and judgemental to laugh it off yet. Give this book and chance and find out why.

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What’s in the EasyQuit System?

The EasyQuit System is put together by the author, Pete Howells who happens to be an ex-smoker. So he understands how difficult it is to quit and he’s not going to tell you what’s bad about smoking because he’s not going to repeat what you already know. He’s wants to tell you what you don’t know, that is How You Can Quit Smoking!

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The EasyQuit System utilise a therapy call Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT for short developed in the 1960’s by a certain Professor Aaron Beck. CBT is a method used to treat drug, alcohol addictions and other problems too because of its high success rate.
CBT is used to change the way you think about the actions you have taken and why you did it. It’s easily followed because it breaks down big problems into bite size problems that you can solve easily in small parts.

In a nutshell, everything that you do is virtually a “learned response” resulting in you smoking for all the wrong reasons from a wrong learned response. Once you know the difference it becomes very easy to stop smoking. However, because your existing smoking problem is the learned response embedded your brains, it’s not easy to overcome the problem without external help. That’s where the EasyQuit System comes in, it helps to overcome the problems when people like you and others trying to quit smoking face.

Quit smoking using the EasyQuit System is going to come without the some of the following:

  • Hunger pangs with uncontrollable eating binges thus no weight gain!
  • No need to prepare a “smokers diary” or set a quit date
  • No requirement of so called will power and you will not suffer from any anxiety
  • And many more

And you will learn:

  • The single major reason why smokers never quit.
  • Why you always found it difficult to quit.
  • Why smoking is not a habit because it has been misinterpreted and lead you to believe it is one.
  • Why using nicotine replacement therapy, NRT will alsmot guarantee failure.
  • Why chewing gums, sweets, food and water will only increase your desire to smoke not curb them and the simplest process to stop all that cravings.

Even if you are thinking to quit smoking using the easyquit system sounds very good, be forewarned it’s not 100% and there are still some failures. 19 out of 20 learn to quit smoking using the EasyQuit System successfully that works out to be 96%. So why is it not 100% you may ask, I can tell you that there’s not one method that suits all so there’s bound to be some who tried and did not succeed.

But do you think you belong to the 96% or the 4%? Why not give it a shot. Quit smoking using the EasyQuit System comes with no risk to you. There’s a 8 week no question asked money back guarantee. You have more to lose than gain if you don’t give the EasyQuit System a try!

= = =>Click Here to Quit Smoking Using the EasyQuit System<= = =

= = =>Click Here to Quit Smoking Using the EasyQuit System<= = =