How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Just wanted to share my story on how I quit smoking cold turkey. I did it but I must say it’s no easy feat and takes lots of will power and effort on oneself. I hope this would be an inspiration for you on your journey to success.

I just want to let everyone know that kicking the habit is possible and achievable and I firmly believe everyone can do it too. Whether you quit smoking cold turkey, or with the aid of nicotine gums and patches, with the aid of an ebook, via hypnosis, it can be done. Not one method is going to suit all but if you are determined and search enough, you will find a program that suits you.

Remember, the key to success is you and your own belief that you are going to quit and able to quit. You can try whatever methods there are out there but none is going to work if you don’t believe that it will.
Whatever the mind perceive and believe can achieve – Napoleon Hill

My Story

I started smoking from the age of 17 and graduated from a casual smoker to a heavy smoker of 30 cigarettes a day. Before I quit smoking cold turkey, I tried various methods to quit smoking along the way:

• Smoking “lighter” cigarettes (for your info it doesn’t work and only makes me smoke more in fact double because I couldn’t get the kick out of the “lighter” cigarettes.
• Smoking lesser but it only made me worse because I was still smoking and have to give myself constant reminder to smoke lesser.

To cut the long story short, the day I quit came as a surprise to me too because I didn’t set a date or anything before that.
One day, some 13 years ago, my wife to be asked me; “when are you going to quit?”.
Well, I guess the message hit home on that day, so instead of telling her that I have been trying to quit all this time, I decided that this is the day, I quit!

But not before I smoked the rest of my pack of cigarettes. Well, I guess there was a part of me that still refuse to let go at that point of time. Anyway, I told that cigarettes were expensive and I didn’t want to let that 4 sticks of cigarettes left in my pack go to waste (they are! and they are now more than double of what they use to cost!).

I wouldn’t say that the path was easy after my decision to quit, there were the temptations and the usual habits and rituals that always coincide with me lighting up a cigarette. However, I persisted, the minutes become hours, the hours become days, the days become months, and before you know it, the months become years.

I have stayed smoke free since then and I want to help others who want to kick the habit too. I am exploring and reviewing the various programs available today from an ex-smoker standpoint and and you can take a look at the Best Quit Smoking Method Guide here.

So that’s my story on How I quit smoking cold turkey, but this method is not going to work for everyone because all of us is different. Thus I believe with all the programs out there today offering all kinds of methods to quit smoking, I’m sure you will find one that is going to work for you. I would like to reiterate that the quit smoking secret is YOU, you must believe in yourself that you are able to quit smoking and that’s half the battle won.