How Difficult is it to Quit Smoking

You want to quit but you keep hearing from others how difficult is it to quit smoking and because of that, you start to believe in yourself and wonder, yes it’s true! How difficult is it to quit smoking! And you start to pass the message to others that you tried but it’s almost impossible.

Before you get too deep into this thinking or even if you are already deep into the thought, it’s not too late, you can reverse that. Why should you listen to me? Because I was once a believer of “how difficult is it to quit smoking”, I keep telling others and giving the same excuse over and over again. Telling non-smokers that they don’t know what am I talking about because they are not in my shoes.
Recalling those times and what I have said, they were simply excuses.

I managed to quit smoking after years of trying, I overcame my mindset and believe of “how difficult is it to quit smoking. You see, although nicotine can be and is addictive, but you can overcome that. The most important thing that you must overcome is not the addiction but your own belief.

You must be determined that you actually

1. want to quit smoking and
2. not just TRY to quit smoking.

These 2 thinking are very different and they make a big difference to whether you are able to quit or not. That’s the Quit Smoking Secret behind your ability to finally quit and stay away for good. Some are able to do it cold turkey, on their own. Others need help, in fact, a vast majority of soon-to-be ex-smokers need help.

A brief recall of history on how I did it cold turkey.

I simply stop trying to quit and actually did it. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms wasn’t that bad and you know what, when I tried to smoke lesser, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms was many times worse compared to cold turkey. You may be skeptical but believe me, I went through that.

Since not everyone can quit cold turkey without help, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of help out there today easily accessible. There are quit smoking clinics, quit smoking aid, acupunture and governments of various countries are embarking on campaigns all the time to try and help smokers to quit and others.

For those who feel that they are strong enough to overcome their smoking addiction and get rid of the thoughts of how difficult is it to quit smoking, give it a shot on your own! I am sure you can do it, Good Luck!