Hidden Cost of Smoking

For those of you that are still smoking, have you thought about the hidden cost of smoking all this while? What are the hidden cost of smoking you may ask, it may have not occur to you so I will help list them out.

What cost will be going up for you?

With the price of cigarettes increasing all the time, the amount of money you are spending to upkeep your habit is going to increase over time. To check out how much you would be spending on cigarettes only, you can make use of the smoking calculator here.

As a smoker, you will be paying higher insurance premium compared to that of a non-smoker.

How about the hastily sneaked cigarette between meetings or just before you were about to meet a client. Did that meeting turn out well, result in a sale? Some people are simply turned off or feel nauseous by the way you smell with the heavy lingering smell of cigarette smoke hanging on to you just after you have a few puffs.

Bad breath, clothes and hair that retain the smell of stale cigarette smoke, stained teeth and some of the examples that smokers pay extra to correct.

A pack of mint or gum or mouth spray is going to cost you money, it may not be much but it all adds up.

Teeth whitening for stained teeth but if you don’t bother than it doesn’t matter.

Dry-cleaning bills are likely to be higher, together with the shampoo to wash your hair daily, all these add up to your daily expenses.

So you think the list of hidden cost of smoking ends here, not quite, the list goes on…

Are you a pet owner? Based on researchers’ findings from the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan, the health threats to pets like dogs, cats and birds raises significantly if they are inhaling second hand smoke.

Cats are more vulnerable to mouth cancer because of the way they groom themselves by licking their fur. Carcinogenic compounds in the smoke settle of their fur and it’s ingested during this grooming procedure.

Long-nosed breed dogs are highest risk to suffer from cancers in the noses and sinuses according to study done by Colorado State University. Short and medium length noses have a higher rate of lung cancer.
I believe pets lovers are a dedicated bunch however if you can’t quit smoking for your pet’s sake perhaps you can consider pet insurance if you haven’t bought one yet.

Do you know that the lingering stale cigarette smell in your car if you happen to smoke in it will bring down the value of your car if you try to sell it.
With all the additional concerns about third hand smoke nowadays, that may even drive the price of your car or house down even further.

Have you add it all up?

The above are just some examples of hidden cost of smoking and I may have miss out some along the way but I am not going to go on. You decide if all the above hidden cost of smoking is worth continuing with your habit or time to kick the habit.

Check out the quit smoking guide here and decide which will suit you best.