Health Effects of Second Hand Smoke

Health effects of second hand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and the dangers you are exposing yourself and others around you to.

Most of the facts about health effects of second hand smoke here is going to fall on deaf ears since these are already known facts to smokers but I have to point them out nevertheless. Perhaps it hits a raw nerve in you this time round that makes you decide to Quit Today! Good for you.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 different chemicals of which with at least 400 poisonous and more than 50, cancer-causing ones.

Second hand smoke, Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) consists of both mainstream and sidestream smoke with each contributing 15% and 85% respectively.

Sidestream smoke, which goes straight into the air without passing through the cigarette’s filter has a higher concentration of chemicals compare to that of mainstream smoke. This is the stuff that you and everyone else (passive smoker) is breathing in.
Some numbers on the amount of chemicals released into the environment via Sidestream smoke from cigarette:

Carbon monoxide – 15 times higher

Nicotine – 21 times higher

Cancer causing substance – Up to 130 times higher

Irritant substance – up to 170 times higher
(Source: World Health Organization)

This doesn’t mean that smoking is less dangerous for the smoker since you are inhaling far more smoke compare to those non-smokers around you.
That is because mainstream smoke goes directly to your lungs and doesn’t get mixed with the surrounding air.

Second hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) can cause short term health problems and discomfort, including nasal discomfort, eye irritation, headaches among others.

Long-term health problems can also result directly from the inhalation of second hand smoke, including various cancers.

Studies have also shown spouses of smokers have a 34 per cent higher risk of getting lung cancer than those of non-smokers. If you smoke around your children, they are twice as likely to suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia with a likely chance that they may take after your habit too. Non-smoking pregnant mothers who are near smokers also place their babies at high risk.

As you can see, the health effects of second hand smoke is not only going to affect you but your loved ones around you, shouldn’t you be sparing some thoughts about what harm you can bring to them by exposing them to this form of air pollution. Remember, it’s ok if you are the only one suffering as a result of your own action but don’t bring it onto others!

Enough said, the health effects of second hand smoke listed here may or may not move you. Ultimately, the choice to quit is yours and yours alone. Stop your contribution to second hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and air pollution now! You can do it and it’s never too late.