Dangers of Cigar Smoking

For cigar lovers, you need to be aware of the dangers of cigar smoking. It may be the best tasting thing on Earth to you but when cigar becomes an addiction, and generally it does, you need to be aware of their negative side effects.

cigar smokingMany cigar smokers think that there are far less dangers of cigar smoking than of cigarette smoking, and the possibility of cancer is not as high and that cigar smoking is not as addictive as cigarette smoking.  How wrong could you be?

There are claims that stress how much cigars are safer to smoke than cigarettes but how far or how close are we to the truth? Here are some dangers of cigar smoking that you should be aware of.

It just so happened that cigar smokers are only occasional smokers and majority of the smoking population are into cigarettes so the gauge of how cigars is not than obvious. But, it has been shown that cigars are not any safer.


The following reasons would demystify the myth “are cigars safer than cigarettes”?

The dangers of cigar smoking listed here tell you that the choice of smoking cigar is not any safer than smoking cigarettes.

• According to studies, a single cigar contains more tobacco than a whole pack of cigarettes and as much nicotine as a smoked pack of cigarettes.

• One large fat cigar, even unlit, if it’s just kept in the mouth, you’ll absorb nicotine from just the contact of the tobacco leaf end of the cigar sitting in the mouth.

• Smoking five cigars a day and inhaling moderately produces the same lung cancer risk as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

• Cigars produce even more environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) than cigarettes, due to their size, long aging and fermentation, and long burning time. The wrapper of a cigar (made of tobacco leaf) is not very porous and burns less completely than cigarettes, meaning the air surrounding a cigar smoker has higher concentrations of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and tar than the air around a cigarette smoker.

• Cigar smokers who have smoked cigarettes are more likely to inhale. According to studies done by the American Cancer Society, those that inhale have an 11 time greater risk of death from lung cancer compared to that of non-smokers.

• For those who inhale, cigar smoking appears to be linked to death from cancer of the pancreas and bladder too.

• Cigar and pipe smokers are at risk for early tooth loss.

• For men, cigar smoking is also associated with sterility and some problems like erectile dysfunction.

These are just some of the dangers of cigar smoking and how harmful it could be comparing to cigarettes. Although you can go on and on, comparing facts and figures, the point is, smoking is not beneficial at all, be it cigar or cigarette.

With all these dangers of cigar smoking listed here, isn’t it better to live without them? The choice is yours. If you really cannot quit, there are always alternative.

Consider switching to Electronic Smokeless Cigarette because they are smokeless, odorless, cost less and contains far lesser carcinogens. Check out the benefits of electronic smokeless cigarette here. Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to continue smoking but if you are really such a die hard smoker and not able to quit smoking then you  should consider this alternative.