Clove and Bidi Cigarette Facts

You should be aware of these Clove and Bidi cigarette facts. Don’t let the artificial or aroma of fresh cloves clog your mind about having a “Safe” cigarette.

Are clove and bidi cigarettes as bad as regular cigarettes? Or are they safer than regular cigarettes? Read on to find out. Seriously speaking though, there’s no such thing as safe cigarettes.


According to the American Cancer Society:
“All forms of tobacco are dangerous. Even if the health risks were smaller for some tobacco products as opposed to others, all tobacco products contain nicotine, which can lead to increased use and addiction. Tobacco cannot be considered safe in any amount or form.”

Clove cigarettes, Kretek as they are called are made in Indonesia, they are the most common kind of cigarette smoked there. Depending upon the brand, they contain anywhere between 60 to 80 percent tobacco and 20 to 20 percent ground cloves and have an average of 10-12 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine. They are just as addictive as other conventional cigarettes

A clove cigarette looks just like an ordinary cigarette. When smoked, it has the aroma of fresh cloves and leaves behind a sweet aftertaste on the lips. Clove cigarettes are generally rolled denser than ordinary cigarettes thus take longer to smoke than regular cigarettes. An unattended burning clove cigarette in an ashtray will go out rather than continue to burn like most other cigarettes.

Studies have pointed to the fact that clove cigarettes deliver more carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar as compared to regular cigarettes. Clove cigarette smokers also face up to 20 times more risk of

There is also an additional ingredient in clove that is naturally occurring, Eugenol. It is an anesthetic used in the dentistry industry. The numbing effects of Eugenol when smoked allow the clove cigarette smoker to inhale deeper and hold it longer in the lungs because they may not feel the harshness of smoke. Eugenol is considered safe in small quantities but is toxic to human cells if sufficient quantity is digested or injected leading to life threatening complications.

Another type of cigarette, Bidis, in a somewhat similar category as clove cigarettes because of their artificial flavoring to make it more appealing to young smokers. Bidis comes in a variety of flavors such as apple, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, root beer, orange, lemon-lime.
These flavored cigarettes are directly marketed to young smokers and they will encourage more experimentation among them leading to nicotine addiction in the long run.

Of course there are those that will try smoking during their growing up years but never get hooked because it somehow doesn’t appeal to them. However, there’s a certain percentage of these who will repeatedly experiment with cigarettes till they are hooked.
Some facts about Bidi cigarettes. They contain more three times the nicotine and five times the tar as compared to regular cigarettes. Without going into details, you can figure it out for yourself what you are exposing yourself to when you smoke them.

Now if this question has been on your mind; are clove and bidi cigarettes as bad as regular cigarettes, which is better, which is safer?
Clove and Bidi cigarette facts are all laid out here.

The answer? There is no such thing as “safe” cigarette!