Stop Smoking Easily in 7 Days With EaseQuit

The question, Is it possible to Stop Smoking Easily in 7 days with EaseQuit? That’s their bold promise that jumps out at you when you visit the EaseQuit site. I have look through the product and here is my frank opinion from an ex-smoker point of view.

What is EaseQuit and How Does It Work

It’s not your regular self hypnosis, gum, patches, lozenges, will power kind of thing. EaseQuit make use of Auriculotherapy. It’s a form of acupuncture without the needles and only applied to points of your ear.


The EaseQuit kit comes in the form of 2 magnets for placement on either ear following the instructions provided. 3 to 4 hours a day for a week is all it takes. No specified time when you should put them on but best is when you are calm and relaxed.

Benefits Of Using EaseQuit

  1. Non invasive, easy to apply and painless but you may feel a tingling sensation when you first use it till you get used to it.
  2. No known side effects and with the magnets coated in 24k gold casing, it should protect those people whose skin are sensitive and react to cheap metals
  3. No nicotine or chemical.
  4. One kit can last you a lifetime but this shouldn’t be necessary since it’s supposed to help you stop smoking in 1 week and eliminate all cravings ad withdrawal symptoms you may have for a smoke.
  5. 30 days money back guarantee.

Note: It’s not be used if you are pregnant, using a hearing aid, pacemaker or any other type of electro-medical device. So if you fall into this category, you have to search an alternative method to help you quit smoking.
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So Can You Stop Smoking Easily In 7 Days With EaseQuit?

Auriculotherapy can help you quit but only if you want to! You have to be ready to give up because smoking is a physical habit. And habit is the hardest to break because, after the H, abit, bit and the T, there is still the I!

So if you are ready to quit smoking and change your life, then why not give EaseQuit a try because you have nothing to lose. After all, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which gives you more than enough time to test it out since it can help you stop smoking in 7 days.