Benefits of Quitting Smoking

What are the benefits of quitting smoking? Plenty! It depends on what you are looking for that will determine which one of these benefits of quitting smoking here is going to inspire you most.

Perhaps one of the benefits of quitting smoking listed here is enough to you a final little push, enough to tip you over the edge to start you on your quest to a smoke free life.

Health benefits:

Remember health is wealth. Quitting is going to benefit every one of all ages in terms of health and some of the benefits are almost immediate.

Within 20 minutes:
Your pulse rate at rest slows down and blood pressure drops.

Within 8 hours:
The level of carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in blood drops and your blood oxygen level increases

Within 24 hours
Your risk of heart attack is lowered and your lungs start to get rid of mucous and toxins that have built up over the time you smoked.

Within 48 hours:
Your sense of smell and taste starts to improve for most people although I personally feel your senses improve much faster. I still remember the day after I quit smoking, the food smells and taste much better.

Within 72 hours:
Your breathing becomes less laborious as your lungs functions improve.

Within 2 – 12 weeks:
Your blood circulation improves, lung functions increases, walking and exercise becomes much easier

Within 1 year:
Your risk of smoking related heart disease is halved, compared to that of a smoker.

Within 5 years – 10 years:
Your stroke and coronary heart disease risks are reduced to the same level as those who have never smoked.
Your risk of lung cancer is also to reduced to half that of a smoker

Within 15 years:
Your risk of coronary heart disease is back to the same level as if you had never smoked before.


Financial benefits of quitting smoking.
Think about all the money you save from quitting your smoking habit and what you can do with the extra cash on hand. Make use of the smoking calculator here to see how much you can save in 1 month if you quit.
Your insurance premium will be lower.


Personal Wellbeing.
You don’t have any more stinky clothes and breath. You will be in full control (cigarettes will no longer control your life) of the new more energetic you, with increased self-esteem that will radiate outwards and will definitely be felt by those around you.


Benefits of quitting smoking for your loved ones

By quitting smoking, your family and friends are protected from the harmful effects of second hand smoke also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). You can check out what are the health effects of second hand smoke here.

You will set a good example for your children who are twice as likely to pick up the habit as compared to children of non-smokers. Children are more susceptible to effects of passive smoking and more likely to develop respiratory and other problems.

With all the benefits of quitting smoking listed here, aren’t they enough to inspire you to quit?