Benefits of Electronic Smokeless Cigarette

You must be wondering why am I writing about the benefits of electronic smokeless cigarette on this quit smoking site of mine. I personally do not encourage you to continue your smoking habit with electronic smokeless cigarette and to quit if you can. But then again, there are some that simply cannot quit their smoking habit. And life is short, so if you can’t beat them, join them!

If you are looking for an alternative that is of lesser evil or should I say of lesser harm to others around you, then the electronic smokeless cigarette may just fit the bill. Many have tried to quit and fail miserably and for those who failed, they usually end up smoking more when they return to their smoking habit.

However things have changed with the introduction of electronic smokeless cigarette which is fast becoming the best alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. Although many conventional cigarette smokers have feedback about the difference between the two type of smoking, users of smokeless  electronic cigarette in general learn to adapt and switch for the better in some ways where the benefits of smokeless electronic cigarette outweighs that of the regular smokes.

If you are sitting on the fence and wondering if you should make the switch, some of the benefits listed below may help you decide.

Benefits of Electronic Smokeless Cigarette

The electronic smokeless cigarette product will help you breathe easier again. It contains no tar, carbon monoxide or other toxins and far less carcinogens as compared to regular cigarettes. The ecigarette gives you dose of nicotine in the form of water based vapor and the dosage of nicotine is available in different concentration depending on each individual requirements.
It’s non flammable and eco friendly. There’s no risk of fire because ecigarette are battery operated and you will never have to use lighters or matches again. With no flames, there’s no danger of you burning some of your stuff accidentally.

No second or third hand smoke concerns with the electronic smokeless cigarette because there’s no smoke. You won’t have the lingering stale cigarette smell on your clothes, curtains, carpets, upholstery, hair or hands. You don’t have to worry about the dangers you pose to passive smokers around you.

It’s smokeless and you can smoke almost anywhere however you should practise caution and always check first before using your ecigarette in a public place. Laws are ever changing and there are also some misunderstanding about ecigarette so it’s best to ask first and some explanation about the major differences (eg. smokeless and no lingering smell) of the electronic smokeless cigarette versus traditional cigarette would definitely help.

You don’t have to go outdoors to smoke your cigarette. I know you hate to go out in the cold freezing weather in winter or hot humid days in summer to get your nicotine fix!

Last but not least, there’s huge dollars savings! Electronic smokeless cigarette cost much lesser than your traditional cigarettes. Prices varies among brands but on average they are about half the cost of your pack of tobacco cigarettes. You can switch thousands of dollars a year by switching to electronic smokeless cigarette.

Convinced about the Benefits of Electronic Smokeless Cigarette Yet

The benefits of electronic smokeless cigarette has been listed here and I hope the information here has proved to be beneficial and helpful to you to make the switch. Have fun!