My Quit Smoking Secrets

Welcome to my Quit Smoking site, I am an ex-smoker who managed to kick the habit cold turkey. Here to share my quit smoking secret and help “ex-smokers to be” look for methods to quit smoking that would suit or help you on your way to a smoke free life.

You won’t be coming to this site if you are not planning to quit and I know some of you may have skeptical thinking running through your mind already. How different is this from the other sites telling you what are the harmful effects of smoking, blah, blah, blah, so what else is new?! What’s the quit smoking secret? You can read about How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey and I sincerely hope my story can inspire you to quit too. 
In today’s fast society where more and more quit smoking aids are available out there at the click of a mouse, there are many methods to quit smoking for you to choose from. There are hypnosis, NLP programs, nicotine patches, nicotine gums, acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc, etc. 

Best Quit Smoking Method Guide

Spoilt for choice, which will work for you? Well sad to say, there’s no silver bullet here and I believe there’s no one size fits all because we are all different. So which one of these methods to quit smoking is going to work for you?  
You may have already tried some of the methods to quit smoking mentioned here and ask so what else is new? I tried them and they never work, I am still smoking! You want to know what the quit smoking secret is?

Would you believe if I told you the main reason why you didn’t succeed is because you didn’t believe you can do it or didn’t really want to quit!
I must EMPHASIZE that YOU are the key to success.
Your belief that you are able to quit smoking!
And whatever the method to quit smoking you choose to go with, it is likely to work for you. This is the quit smoking secret I wanted to share with you. Keep that in mind and make a run with it.
That’s the key, without that belief that you are able to do it, whatever method you choose is destined for failure, so remember, YOU are the key to your own success and it’s never too late!


Most smokers smoke out of habit after they are hooked. Once the habit is ended, many of smoking’s most harmful effects decline rather fast, look at the benefits of quitting smoking here. Quitting and ending your cigarette addiction is the straightest path toward preventing the health damage done by cigarette smoking.

Also, garner support if you are looking to quit smoking. Let your partner, family members and friends know. Indirectly, you are making an announcement that you are going to do it and you are going to see your plans thorough to prove to everyone you can do it.

The products I reviewed on this site cost money, some more, some less. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for you own sake. Also, of all the methods to quit smoking out there, the cheapest and most natural method is free but also the most challenging, by quitting cold turkey!

The path to your success may be long and hard with obstacles along the way. Remember, the quit smoking secret is the believe in YOURSELF and don’t give up.
Good luck in your quest to find the most suitable amongst the methods to quit smoking mentioned here.

To your success, I know you can do it!

However, all is not lost even if you cannot quit smoking, it’s not the end of the world. There are other alternative to cigarette smoking. Not entirely safe, but you still get your nicotine kick from electronic smokeless cigarette but without passing on second or third hand smoke  !